Pleated disposable filters
Standard filters you can buy at any hardware store. Should cost between 3-8 dollars. These should be changed every 3-5 months depending where they are located. Filters in the ceiling or high on walls collect less dirt then those near the floor area. Filters installed inside of heaters are not always the best when it comes to filtration as sometime alot of air and dirt is allowed to bypass the filter and ends up in your coil, heater or back in the air you breathe. Knowing what type of filters you have, how to change them and where they go is a great way to keep your system running great for years, and avoid high cost repairs.
 Media filter
These are large filter that can be easily installed on most heaters and only have to be changed once a year and can collect up to 85% more than filters listed above. They have very low maintenance and be very cost effective in the long run. This is the filter I use in my home.They can be added to most systems for between $250.00 and $400.00 and will add years of life to your heating and air conditioning system
Electronic Air Cleaners
By far the best product I have ever found is made by Trane /American Standard. It has two names but is just one great filter! The Accuclean/ CleanEffects Filters remove 99.9% of airborne particles inside your house giving you clean air to breath, and keeping your system clean and safe from allergies, this is the filter you need to keep them under check while in your home. I have installed many of theses in all types of systems and have had great reviews from my homeowners. Easy to clean with just a vacuum. No filters to replace, EVER.
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