Ducts and cleaning

The truth is that most ducts should never be cleaned! Most duct in our area are made with plastic (Millar) materials. Most duct cleaning company's try to use vacuums and brushes to clean them, The brushes will in fact cause more damage then what there trying to fix, costing you more then what you started with.When I started in this industry, duct cleaning is what I did along with repair.We used a Pringle high powered truck mounted vacuum. These trucks used 10"hoses connected to your system to help remove dust and dirt from your ducts. If not properly trained these and other "duct cleaning systems can cause major damage to your ducting system. Most ducting now is made of materials that are not designed for that type of suction to them and because of the ridges and turns in the ducts, most dirt is just moved around and not removed.

If you want to keep your ducts clean it is imperative to use a high quality filtering system installed by a qualified and licensed HVAC professorial to give you years of clean air and trouble free service from your system. Filters do not need to be expensive or high maintenance. They can be as simple as changing one a year. Higher efficient filters take more maintenance as they collect more airborne particles down to microns so they have to be cleaned more. Family's with bad allergies should take advantage of these types of filters as they can reduce costs for medications.
Duct Testing
Duct testing is necessary and should be done if you have ducts that are over 20 years old or if you live in a area where animals can get under your house. Its so important to insure your home is sealed from pests and small animals as they can cause major damage to ducts and dramatically effect your air flow and efficiency of your system. Also, depending on how much room is under your house and how many times workers have been under there can also be a factor.
If your system is off for example, yet you can still feel air out of vent this is a sign of duct leakage. We live in a mild climate so major losses are not normal but comfort is a big deal.

In closing, simple checks can determine if you need this done or not. Home owners with vents in the floor will notice that dirt and debris can form and can be easily removed with a house hold vacuum or wet dry vac with out damaging ducts or the boots.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns on this matter, We are happy to help!
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