What to check before you call

re you filters clean?
Sometime filters can cause heaters and a/dc e fact no air is going thru them. Remember to replace them every 3 months as they will keep your system working clean and safe!
Did you know that most thermostats are battery powered and when the batteries get low they just don't work!
Make sure to change your batteries at lease once a year! We recommend replacing them in the spring or fall change clocks for daylight savings.
 I see lots of customers not using them correctly.If you want to use them manually, find the hold button and use it in hold mode. Also there is allot of confusion with the "fan switch"..Always leave it on AUTO. Switching it to on will make the fan NEVER SHUT OFF!
A/C's and heaters both have fuses and in most cases circuit breakers as well. Fuses are located next to the heater or A/C and can be in Box or other Disconnect. Most fuses are available at your hardware store. Breakers should be in your sub, or main panel. Its important to check these first as it could save you a service call.
Circuit Breakers
Breakers are found in sub and main panels. Sub panels are found in the house, garage or closet. While main paneles are found outside on the side or corner of your house or apartment. They will have a "meter" attached. Breakers are tripped if in the 1/2 way position or off. Always turn off and back on to reset
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